This zodiac dragon is a made-to-order item. Therefore it will take me an extra week or two to create it before I can ship it. The images you see above are of the original dragon figurine that I will replicate for you!


How this was made:

This beautiful zodiac dragon was handsculpted with polymerclay around a wire armature, then painted with acrylics and glitters before being glazed once with polyurethane varnish and again with epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs.



The Libra personality (that this zodiac dragon is based on) is one of balance, beauty, justice and fairness. Libra is impeccable at knowing who is right and who is wrong in any conflict - but their ultimate wish is for there to be a utopia of harmony and peace in the world, the thought of which inspires many artistic visions in them. Their agile minds are always working tirelessly to create a more beautiful world.



Here the Libra dragon is proudly holding his scales, the symbol of the zodiac sign of Libra, and the method by which he ensures balance in all things. He is confident in his ability to make balanced decisions and to assess the good and bad deeds of others with a fair and compassionate mindset. His colours consist of shades of white, grey and blue, that are in tandem with the Libra element of air, as well as dazzling gold scales that reflect the impressiveness of his mental clarity in virtually all matters.


Extra information:

From the 'extra additions' drop-down menu, please select whether you would like this dragon to come gift wrapped, with a personalised story, with both, or with neither, before adding it to your cart. :)

Zodiac Dragon - Libra