How this was made:

This beautiful, completely unique and one-of-a-kind handmade dragon was handsculpted with coloured polymer clay around a wire armature, then painted with mica powders before being coated in epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs. It is attached to an enchanting blue resin gem that is filled with iridescent flakes that give it an opal effect.



Jophiel is a very shy little dragon - he is aware that his size doesn't make him very fearsome, but he's determined to protect his gem as best he can none-the-less! If you adopt him, no doubt he will try to protect you too - even if that means needing a little extra help every now and then! He earnestly tries his best, and that's all anyone could ask for. :)


Extra information:

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"Jophiel" - the tiny blue gem dragon!