Please note - although this particular dragon has been sold, I am still taking comissions! Message me on here (the green chat icon) or on Instagram for more details :D


How this was made:

This beautiful dragon was handsculpted with polymerclay, lovingly painted with acrylics and decorated with crushed pyrite (fool's gold) before being glazed once with polyurethane varnish and again with epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs.



This particular dragon 'Iridia' is very special indeed. She was grown in the belly of a large cave filled with fire-opals, and her very skin is filled with the flashing opal effect. One day, when she was ready to be 'born' she simply woke up from her slumber and flew out of the cave. Once out, she immediately felt inclined to fly upwards - so much so, that she flew up and up and up, until eventually, of course she reached the spirit region, which is the region that sits in the sky, overseeing the whole world of the Adornarium. Once she had arrived there, she was accepted into the fold of the other spirit region dragons and mystical creatures almost immediately, for they could see she was pure of spirit and would make a fine guide for any human visiting the Adornarium (as humans arrive at the Adornarium through the spirit region). Iridia would make a beautiful dragon for anyone who loves crystals and would like a little extra guidance in th