How this was made:

This beautiful dragon was handsculpted with polymer clay around a wire armature, then painted with mica powders and glitters before being coated in epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs. It is attached to a stunning ruby red resin crystal filled with glitter in addition.



Daimon guards this blood red crystal and takes it with him, wherever he goes. Some dragons have spread rumours that the gem transforms into an enchanted, eternal source of blood under the full moon, for this vampire-ish little dragon to feed on when no one is watching! He denies this claim, but does enjoy the way it makes other dragons refrain from bullying him, for he is so small in stature! His eyes do seem to glow a brighter ruby red after each full moon, however, and the reason for that remains a mystery.


Extra information:

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Daimon - the blood red gem dragon