How this was made:

This beautiful zodiac dragon was handsculpted with polymerclay around a wire armature, then painted with acrylics and glitters before being glazed once with polyurethane varnish and again with epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs.



The Capricorn personality (that this zodiac dragon is based on) is one of resourcefulness, intelligence, and a great sense of responsibility and practicality. Capricorn knows that being disciplined and grounded are essential qualities to have if one is to make their wildest dreams come true! As they are so hardworking, Capricorns will almost always acheive whatever success it is that they crave in life!



Here the Capricorn dragon is sitting upright and alert, after having emerged from a quick swim. The symbol of Capricorn is a goat with a fish's tail, and so this dragon's top half resembles a tawny brown ibex, whilst the bottom half resembles the beautiful tail of a mermaid, with iridescent greens and blues. As Capricorn is an earth sign, this dragon has been painted the earthy colours of green and brown, to evoke this zodiac sign's groundedness.


Extra information:

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Zodiac Dragon - Capricorn