How this was made:

This beautiful dragon was handsculpted with polymer clay around a wire armature, then painted with acrylics and glitters before being coated in epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs. It is attached to a base of fake grass and strawberries, also made with polymerclay. A quartz crystal has also been secured to this base to create an added magical look.



It is not hard for anyone to see that Beryl was born to be an Earth Region dragon! When her egg was delivered to the hatchery, it was surrounded by strawberries and other plants. Then when she hatched, everyone was amazed to see that her body matched the strawberries perfectly. She was sporting the same cheerful red with hints of yellow and green seeds, making her look just as succulent as the fruits she so enjoys the company of! It is clear that Beryl would now like to be taken care of by someone with the same love and respect for nature that she has! She is, by all accounts, as pleasant and sweet a companion as a refreshing strawberry fruit on a hot summer's day.


Extra information:

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Beryl - The Baby Strawberry Dragon