How this was made:

This beautiful dragon is polymerclay, sculpted around an aluminium craft wire armature. He was then attached to a polymerclay pond filled with polymerclay fishes and resin (to create the water effect) with a shining labradorite crystal in the centre.



Kiyoshi is certainly a unique dragon. He dwells in the part of the Water Region that is on the side nearest the Earth Region, where the ocean thins out into little rock pools, home to crabs and other different types of fish. In this pond, he has found some adorable koi fish, and he immedietly sees himself in them, in their red and white markings that are so similar to his! Perhaps in his past life, Kiyoshi was a koi fish? In any case, his affinity with them is undeniable, and he spends his days caring for them and bringing them food from different rock pools. In the centre of the rock pool, he has placed a luminous teal labradorite stone, as a token of his admiration for the fish who swim in such a blissfully tranquil manner around it.


Extra information:

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'Kiyoshi' the Koi fish Dragon