How this was made:

This beautiful dragon was handsculpted with polymerclay around a wire armature, then painted with acrylics and glitters before being glazed once with polyurethane varnish and again with epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs.



Meet Monty the moon dragon. He is the secret guardian of the moon, visible only to other dragons... or humans who have visted the world of the Adornarium before. Visiting the Adornarium changes a person's vision so that once they've returned back to Earth, they can see things that were previously unseen. Monty resides always on the dark side of the moon, blending in perfectly with the darkness... but every now and then, a flash of blue or purple will appear in the night, and remind you of his presence. He is the silent protector who has watched over the moon since it was formed in the galaxy, and his presence is a reassuring reminder that there are always benevolent beings and friends looking out for us, whether we can see them or not.


Extra information:

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Monty - the beautiful moon dragon

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  • Any finished sculpture or item of jewellery of mine that you receive, should be relatively strong, but not indestructible. As such, adequate care should be taken to ensure that the piece is out of reach of pets, children, and the possibility of being dropped, as you would with any other fragile ornament in the home. That being said, it will be certainly be strong enough for moderate handling as you examine it and admire its unique features! :)