How this was made:

This beautiful dragon is made from polymerclay, sculpted around an aluminium craft wire armature, dusted with silver mica powders and then finally red glitter, after baking. It was then coated with a layer of epoxy resin to ensure maximum durability of its spines and limbs. The red crystal was made from translucent red epoxy resin and red glitter.



For a dragon so young, Rubius has quite the character! He’s a very fiesty little guy and fiercely defends his ruby red resin crystal. He never lets others get away with underestimating him, because of his small stature! His red crystal has such a hypnotic quality, and it is that same deep shade of ruby red that his eyes have now grown to be - the more time he spent around the crystal and gazed at it, the redder his eyes became! He was drawn to the crystal immedietly, from the moment he hatched out of his black and silver scaled egg. Now, no one is in any doubt that Rubius will never let anything come between him and his red crystal... beware those who try to come between them!


Extra information:

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Rubius - The Red Crystal Dragon