How this was made:

This beautiful dragon is made from black polymerclay, sculpted around an aluminium craft wire armature, dusted with mica powders. It was then coated with a layer of epoxy resin to ensure maximum durability of its spines and limbs. The crystal is made from teal dyed resin mixed with iridescent paper flakes and glitter.



There are plenty of glorious crystals in the ocean of The Adornarium, and Kyrus holds just one of them. He guards it with an intense focus however - with the same focus that he raised his young dragonlings until they were old enough to find their own way in the world. Nobody knows what happened to the mother of his dragonlings, but they say that this crystal that Kyrus guards was her favourite - his last memorial to her. Adopt this strong and mysterious dragon to invite his energies of compassion and focus into your life.


Extra information:

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'Kyrus' - the blue crystal dragon