How this was made:

This beautiful dragon was handsculpted with polymerclay around a wire armature, then painted with acrylics and glitters before being glazed once with polyurethane varnish and again with epoxy resin, to ensure maximum strength and durability of its spines and limbs.



Astrid lives in the spirit region, and through the realm of the Adornarium, oversees the wellbeing of the planets surrounding our own galaxy. This is made possible through her crystal ball, which can perfectly depict the current state of whichever planet she wants to examine the health of. Currently it is showing her the fiery-hued planet of mars, which governs the natural rhythms of life and death. Through her magical crystal ball, Astrid sends the planet loving energies to ensure its influence on our own planet Earth is neither too weak nor too strong. Astrid has spent years of her life studying Earth and the planets surrounding it - so fascinated is she by the way our universe works and the ways she can find to ensure that everything goes on functioning as it should. Astrid possesses very powerful magic - as all dragons who have the honour of living in the spirit region do - as she is able to influence the goings-on not only in her own universe where the Adornarium resides, but i